Animal Housing Guildford Surrey

L and S Woodcraft for high quality animal housing Guildford Surrey.  L and S utilise only the best quality material for a range of products. Our animal housing solutions include poultry and bantam housing, rabbit hutches and tortoise runs, aviaries, aviary panels and coops, duck houses. We build bespoke walk-in animal housing Guildford Surrey…

People care about their pets and want to know that they are comfortable in their surroundings. Pets provide companionship, relieve stress, provide an excuse for exercise and they provide comfort. There are some of the stress related benefits listed here.

Animal Housing Guildford Surrey

Animal Housing Guildford Surrey

Because L & S Woodcraft build rabbit runs and rabbit hutches, dog beds, dog kennels and dog cages, parrot cages, duck houses and coops to measure, you specify the details you want. All our animal housing Guildford, Surrey is bespoke, you tell us what you want.

It’s important that your pet feels at home in his environment. We build rabbit runs and rabbit hutches, dog beds, dog kennels and dog cages, parrot cages, duck houses and coops that provide a safe and comfortable home for your pet.

Chicken Houses, Coops and Runs – Animal Housing Guildford Surrey

Keeping chickens is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the UK. Our chicken runs, hen houses and chicken coops are all bespoke. Built to your specification to provide comfort, ease of access and safety for your hens and chickens.

We have stand alone hen houses and we can also build chicken coops with a chicken run. We would always suggest you buy one a little bigger than you need! You will always find the hens need a little more space than think. Not all hens get on and building a hen house that’s a little big bigger is wise suggestion.

Your chicken run can either be attached directly to your chicken house or freestanding. The advantage of free standing chicken runs is they can moved around the garden.

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